Online Certification Exam Requests

The IAEM Certification Exam is available online! A how-to guide for requesting the online exam can be found here. Request the online exam using this online form.


  • The applicant must provide proctor's direct email address. A testing facility email is not acceptable.
  • Multiple emails will be sent to the proctor automatically through the exam program which could potentially be blocked by their firewall (ie .mil, .edu, and .gov). Proctors should request their IT Department to whitelist @iaemexam.com so messages are not blocked. If the proctor has not received any of the following emails, please have the proctor contact IAEM HQ at info@iaem.com with the subject line of "Certification Exam Forms Not Received."
    Within 3 business days prior to the exam:
    (1) The Proctor Agreement must be completed.
    (2) The email which contains the exam keycode for use on the day of the exam will be sent tot eh proctor.
  • The applicant is not permitted to take the online exam on his/her personal or work computer. The applicant must use a computer with Internet connection provided by an approved proctor. 


Scheduling an AEM/CEM Exam Near You

Applicants can request an individual exam offering by completing an exam request form. If you have any issues please email Sharon Kelly

The proctor must be an unbiased party and must fulfill one of the following:

  • Current Certification Commissioners or Current member of the Certification Executive Committee.
  • Current IAEM Council Board Member with the AEM or CEM designation.
  • IAEM headquarters staff.
  • Someone in the education department/registrar’s office at a local high school, college/university, or military installation.
  • Official testing facility (The proctor's direct email address is required. Testing facility email is not acceptable.)
  • State Training Coordinator.

A proctor cannot be:

  • An applicant’s subordinate or manager.
  • Someone with whom the applicant works with on a regular basis.
  • Related to or having a personal relationship with the applicant. 

Preparing for the Exam

See the Updated Resource List for a list of resources that can be used to make up an exam. 

The AEM/CEM exam has 120 multiple-choice questions. One hundred of these questions will be scored. IAEM will determine exam results using scaled scoring. Scaled scoring is a representation of the total number of correct answers an applicant has provided that has been converted into a standardized scale. The passing score is 500 on a scale of 200 to 800.

Applicants who are ready to schedule an individual exam should complete the exam request form giving the proctor's complete contact information, date of the exam, and 14 business day’s notice.   

The IAEM website has a listing of official preparatory course and/or exam offerings that have been arranged through IAEM.   As more official offerings are finalized they will be added to the webpage.

Group exam offerings may be arranged by contacting IAEM staff member Chelsea Steadman at Chelsea@iaem.com.


Preparatory Course

The preparatory course includes: Review of CEM program requirements (experience, education, professional contributions and more); explanation of the AEM program requirements; application procedures; tips for successful program completion; an overview of the AEM/CEM exam; the standards upon which the exam is based; sample exam questions; and a Q&A period. Please come prepare to ask specific questions related to the program and/or to your personal credentials submission.

  • Purpose: To relieve exam anxiety, not to teach emergency management principles.
  • How: Discuss the AEM/CEM exam mechanics; facilitate an interactive discussion of emergency management principles; cross-walk through practice exam questions.
  • Who should attend? The AEM/CEM Exam Prep Course is intended for professional emergency managers interested in obtaining the Certified Emergency Manager designation. A Certified Emergency Manager is an individual who possesses the knowledge, skills and abilities to effectively manage a comprehensive disaster/emergency management program.That program can be in, but is not limited to, government, business and industry, military, health care or educational institutions.
  • Cost: $525 per person
  • Note: The Prep Course does not teach emergency management principles.


Online Prep Course Available!

Offered in partnership with MindEdge Learning, this prep course allows USA applicants to prepare for the IAEM Certification process through a self-study at your own pace. The course offers curated learning, review materials, and sample test questions designed to support students in preparing for the AEM or CEM certification.

Course may be purchased through the MindEdge Website: https://catalog.mindedge.com/iaem

**IAEM Members receive a 25% discount using code: Click here!

Please note that this course cannot be used to meet EM or GM training requirements. The content of the course is designed for applicants taking the USA Exam.

All questions about the course should be directed to MindEdge Learning.

Schedule of Upcoming Courses and Exams

A minimum of 10 registrants are required

There are no courses or group exams scheduled at this time. 


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