Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee

IAEM-USA Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee

Committee Chair
Jerica Shackelford

Committee Vice Chairs

Board Liaison
Cathy Clark, MS
IAEM-USA President

Staff Liaison 
Chelsea Steadman, chelsea@iaem.com

IAEM-USA members interested in participating in this committee should email the committee staff liaison and tell them how you can contribute to or learn from this committee's important work.

Committee Members

Carol Adams, CEM

David Alamia

Osman Aloyo

Anthony Anderson

Cedric Andria

Lucy Angelis

Melanie Bartis

Heather Beal

Freddie Bizzell, Jr.

Christine Brown

Curtis Brown

Paula Buchanan

John Burnap

Ronald Campbell

Raymond Cheung, CEM

Bettina Coleman, CEM

Eileen Connors, CEM

Terry D. Cooper, CEM

Nick Crossley, CEM

Vegas Curry

Hugh Daniels, CEM

Vincent B. Davis, CEM

Savannah English

Walter English

Sylvia E. Farrington

Suzanne Frew

George Gilbert, CEM

Ronnie Gill

Tyra Gore

John Ha

Steven Hanneman

Alexandra Harris

Carolyn J. Harshman

Derrick Hiebert

Jody Hodge

Brittany Giles- Jones

Joseph Jones, CEM

Ginny Katz

Misti Kill


Deb Knickerbocker

Heather M. Kostecki

Patrick Laverty

Amber Liggett

Leslie Luke

Dr. Jacqueline McBride, CEM, CPM

Sedrick McDaniel

Anne Marie McLaughlin

Torey McNeil

Meloyde R. Batten-Mickens

Kelly Miller

Alexandra "Lexi" Nicholas

Jackie Nicholl

Peter Perez

Cecile Pinto

Terry Pruitt

Alex Quintela

Amy Ramirez

Joseph Ramos

Blanca Rand

Antoine Richards

Heidi Rosofsky, GVC-DAFN

Andrew Sankey

Edie Schaffer, CEM

Susamma Seeley

Jacquelyn Seth

Renuka Persad Shah

Kevin Sligh

Ellis Stanley

Charlotte Stasio

Grelia Steele

Pete Sturner

Camila Tapias

Dr. Alain Blaise Tatsinkou, TSIP

Mallory Townsend

Jonryan Torres

C. Wilbert

Keith Whiteside

Chauncia Willis

Purpose Statement

To provide effective and useful information to IAEM members at all levels regarding research and trends on diversity and inclusion that can improve the delivery of concepts, communications and services to different populations.

New Members

The IAEM-USA Diversity Committee welcomes new members from the emergency management community, private sector and educational institutions.

Committee Meetings

The committee meets via conference call on the first Wednesday of the month, at 12:00 p.m./3:00 p.m. Eastern time.

Committee Documents